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    White cliffs


    “White Cliffs” is an evocative 60x60cm framed artwork, a mixed-media composition employing Polyfilla, powder paint, pencil, watercolor, and ash to depict the rugged beauty of cliff faces. The white’s dominance is artfully broken by streaks of green and touches of red, capturing nature’s stark and contrasting elements.

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    The artwork “White Cliffs,” sized at 60×60 cm and framed for immediate display, presents a textured landscape brought to life through the layering of Polyfilla, powder paint, pencil, watercolor, and ash. This piece captures the raw essence of the cliffs, with the thick application of Polyfilla creating a tangible relief that mimics the erosion and weathering of nature’s facades. The powder paint adds subtle hues, while the watercolor interjects with moments of color clarity, depicting the organic growth and the ever-present forces of the elements. The strategic use of ash within the composition provides a gritty realism, evoking the sense of cliffs standing firm against the test of time. This piece is a celebration of nature’s resilience and would make a profound statement in any space, inviting contemplation on the enduring beauty of the natural world.