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    Sold out!

    Bird encased in an acrylic dome


    Sold out!


    A whimsical avian creation comes to life in a unique display of artistic ingenuity, as a bird fashioned from recycled cardboard, adorned with faux feathers and delicate tissue paper, takes center stage within an acrylic dome. The vibrant colors of the plumage burst forth, creating a kaleidoscope of hues that dance in harmonious celebration. The recycled cardboard, repurposed with care, forms the structural foundation of the bird, showcasing the artist’s commitment to sustainability. Each feather, meticulously crafted from synthetic materials, adds a touch of fantasy to the avian form. Encased within the transparent embrace of the acrylic dome, the bird becomes a captivating three-dimensional masterpiece, inviting viewers to marvel at the convergence of creativity and eco-consciousness. This imaginative blend of recycled elements and vibrant aesthetics encapsulates the essence of art as a transformative force, breathing life into materials that have found a new purpose in the wings of this whimsical creation.

    20cm in diameter